Frequently Asked QUestions

What kinds of chocolate are produced?

The two types of chocolate we produce are ivory and semi-sweet dark chocolate.

How much do your products cost?

If you would like to know pricing, please email for an estimate.

What chocolate shapes are offered?

Here is a link to our chocolate shapes.

What are your house colors?

Here is a link to our house colors.

Can we change colors on house items?

Colors can be changed on transfer sheets upon request.

I don't see a previous design, may I still order it?

Yes, they are available upon request.

Are you able to do custom colors?

Yes, however since we use food-grade coloring, it may not be an exact match.

How does the ordering process for custom projects work?

Here is an ordering guide for custom designs.

What is considered a rush?

A rush is a product that is needed in seven business days or less and a rush fee will be applied. 

What kinds of payment are accepted?

Mastercard, Discover, Visa, American Express