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Transfer Strip Title
Cake Wrap
Shown: Streamers
2" x 10" Transfer Strip or 1.5" x 9.75" Transfer Strip
pink & purple print
Many More Transfer Strip Sizes Available Shown: Allegro
2" x 10" Transfer Strip or 1.5" x 9.75" Transfer Strip
yellow print
Popular Sizes
Magnetic Moulds
To fit a transfer sheet or cut strip to your magnetic mould, please provide the following information:
  • Mould number/Brand
  • Provide us with a detailed description of the mould: the pattern, how many cavities, the shape and size of the cavities, any measurements including the cavity spacing, measured from the center of each cavity. Some patterns we have on file are shown below.
  • Mould pattern may not be in stock. Please ship mould for exact criterias.
Custom Transfer Strips
Original Artwork Guidelines
Please provide the following information:
  • Vector-based (.AI, .EPS, .PDF) file of your logo or image. TIFs, JPGs, GIFs or any other web-based images can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please make certain all necessary font files have been included.
  • Exact date order must be delivered to you.
  • How many colors and which ones?
  • Type of chocolate (dark, milk, or ivory) the transfer will be placed on.
  • Exact size of the image and spacing of image to appropriately fit your product.
  • Font style
Artwork Charges May Apply *** Ask About Other Patterns email us
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